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Sex during pregnancy: Things to follow and avoid

Is it okay to have sex during pregnancy?

Many of you must be wondering whether you should continue having sex during pregnancy or stop it completely. As long as you are comfortable, there is no rule that stops you from having sex while you are pregnant. Many people worry whether sexual activity threatens your developing baby(fetus), but the good thing to note is that the developing baby (fetus) is protected by amniotic fluid released by the uterus right after you conceive.

More or less having sex in pregnancy is considered safe but a few precautions must be followed. This article addresses a few questions that people have and things to follow while having sex during pregnancy. Let us look at them.

1. Can sex during pregnancy lead to a miscarriage?

This is one of the most common questions that users have but your sexual activity has nothing to do with miscarriage. The most common reason for a miscarriage to occur is when the fetus is not developing properly. So, do not worry much about a miscarriage occurring if you engage in a sexual relationship during pregnancy.

2. Best sexual positions to try while pregnant:

During the initial stages, couples try any position that is comfortable for them but in the later stages of pregnancy, people try positions that do not provide pressure to the pregnant belly. which include missionary (the pregnant woman lies on her back and the man thrusts from the top), reverse missionary and spooning.

3. Should you use condoms?

Many people feel happy to have sex during pregnancy as it acts as a natural contraception so no headaches for pregnancy to occur but experts suggest the use of condoms if you are having sex while pregnant to reduce the chances of sexually transmitted infections. Such infections provide a great risk to the fetus (developing baby)

4. Effects of pregnancy on sex drive:

There is no evidence that suggests how pregnancy impacts your sex drive. Some people may feel an increased sex drive due to changes in hormones and increased blood flow to the genital organs whereas there may be others that experience a decreased sex drive due to fluctuating hormones. There is nothing to worry about if your sex drive increases or decreases during pregnancy and that is completely normal.

5. Sex during pregnancy: When to avoid it?

It is generally recommended not to have sex during the later stages of pregnancy. Mostly in the third trimester. Your healthcare provider may recommend you not to have sex if you experience these symptoms be in in the early trimesters or later trimesters.

  1. You have unexplained bleeding.

  2. You are leaking amniotic fluid.

  3. Any sign of going into premature labor.

  4. Cervical impotence (Cervix opens prematurely)

This article has discussed various doubts users have about sex during pregnancy. It is always recommended to do a proper health checkup every month after you conceive for better health of the mother and the progeny.

It is always recommended to take advice from your healthcare provider.

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